Smart Hand Dryers

Savortex range of Smart Hand Dryers.

In our drive towards increased sustainability and commitment to the environment, we are delighted to offer an innovative and smart solution to one of the major challenges in Facilities Management: waste and power consumption from traditional hand drying solutions.

Some facts:

  • Commercial buildings account for around 33% of waste, and 47% of CO2 emissions.
  • There is a lack of real-time data intelligence to measure and manage assets.
  • Facilities management providers could save their clients £23bn pa. by improving the way they use resources which interact with their facilities.
  • Every year, expensive and environmentally damaging washroom paper towels create 3 million tons of waste, and over 3.5m tons of CO2, costing corporate landlords £10.5 billion globally.
  • Organisations must reduce overall emissions and waste in line with government policy, i.e. 80 percent by 2050, both existing and new buildings must provide measurable data to provide greater transparency.

There is a truly innovative solution now available with the Savortex range of Smart Hand Drying solutions.


Take a look at some of these amazing features:

  • Energy Efficient up to 66% Savings on current equivalent dryers.
  • Lowest Carbon foot print per dry
  • Longest life, 7-year parts warranty
  • Big Data Collection and remote washroom management and resource optimisations.
  • Real-time washroom alerts(text messages) to cleaners to inspect washrooms based on actual footfall   –Huge Cost Savings and benefit for facility manages in planning cleaning services.
  • Revenue generation through Captive Audience
  • Fully Compliant to EU regulations and fit well with CSR Targets

These Smart dryers also offer connected washroom management which reduces  clients’ operational costs by facilitating effective and responsive washroom cleaning.

Look at the revolutionary adDryer™ which engages captive users with relevant video messages, estate owners can use real data to push content and drive additional revenue streams.